Why should I join the IVS Home Services team?

We are a strong team of dedicated marketing and sales professionals with the mission of bringing the brands to the consumers. If you think you have the required set of skills to make our team better, leave us a message.

To Be... Ahead Of The Curve

IVS Home Services as a company that stays ahead of the curve, using technology and Big Data in ways that other companies don’t. Our position as a leader in the telecom industry is because the IVS Home Services team is comprised of forward-thinkers who continue to blaze new trails.

So we’re looking for individuals like ourselves, artisans of technology inquiry, professionals with deep wells of experience that will move us further into the future.

To Be... On The Cutting Edge

As a company that relies heavily on data analysis, it’s our duty to be constantly searching for and implementing the latest and greatest technologies. Whether we’re utilizing new platforms, collecting fresh data, or conducting in-depth audience research, IVS Home Services is dependent on our ability to leverage the best tools available today.

Because of our commitment to the latest and most cutting-edge resources, we’re looking for individuals who are knowledgeable about Big Data and trends in data analysis.

To Be... Committed To Service

The success of our partners is our livelihood, and that makes IVS Home Services a service-oriented company. We’re in the business of helping our partners in the telecom industry reach new heights, which requirements commitment to service excellence.

The ideal candidates for the IVS Home Services team are individuals who go above and beyond, who share our commitment to outstanding, personable service.

To Be... Part Of The Legacy

IVS Home Services is an award-winning company that helps other companies in the telecom industry find their audiences using Big Data and analytics. Since 2012, we have already helped countless companies scale their customer bases and grow their revenue using data in novel ways.

We are looking for candidates who are excited at the prospect of being part of the IVS Home Services legacy.

To learn more about the opportunities available with IVS Home Services, check the listings below, or contact us today.

Current Openings

Inbound Sales Professionals- English & Spanish

Doors open for competent sales professionals in our new English and Spanish voice divisions. Bilingual applicants (English and Spanish) encouraged to apply. The New hire will undergo special training and coaching sessions.

  • Must be able to meet department call quality requirements
  • Consistent adherence to work schedule and punctuality required
  • Must have proven customer service and phone skills
  • Must have basic Keyboarding skills
  • Bilingual (Spanish speaking) encourage to apply (possible pay premium)

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Outbound Sales Professionals- English & Spanish

The requirement for talented sales and customer service oriented individuals (call center experience or capabilities preferred) is now open. Apply by submitting your details and we will get in touch with you

  • Professionalism and a drive to succeed
  • Proven record of meeting and exceeding metrics
  • Good communication skills –both written and verbal
  • Customer service experience and/or sales experience

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