So why should you partner with IVS Home Services?

Hello. We are pleased to welcome you to IVS Home Services, your premiere destination for finding the latest and greatest home services.

If you’ve found your way to IVS Home Services, it’s because you value working with a company that believes in customer convenience, has a strong reputation in the industry, and knows Big Data. With a focus on convenience, conversion, and a reputation for excellence, IVS Home Services is dedicated to helping providers find their audiences and matching customers with the perfect home services.

We Are... Award-Winning Service

In 2018, IVS Home Services was honored to receive the Local Service Provider — General Market Dealer of the Year Award from AT&T. This is an award given to an accredited retailer that demonstrates commitment to providing a high-quality experience to partners, clients, and customers. Our dedication to using real data and analytics for acquisition and retention is why we’re an award-winning company.

We Are... Big Data

Data is currency in 2019, and the businesses poised for the most success are those that find effective ways to leverage that data. As it happens, IVS Home Services was built on Big Data, particularly when it comes to using audience data and cutting-edge analytics to help telecom service providers reach their target audiences. Most telecom companies aren’t yet able to tap into the vast amounts of data and strategies for analysis that we have at our disposal at IVS Home Services.

We Are... Innovators

In 2012, we identified the need for a solution to a major problem facing companies in the telecom industry: finding and reaching the target audience. So we built IVS Home Services on the innovative ways in which we apply Big Data to marketing and acquisition. The strategies and techniques for analytics we have developed are completely unique to our company. When you partner with IVS Home Services, you get real results that you don’t see with other companies.

We Are... IVS Home Services

IVS Home Services is your premiere destination for finding the right home serves and telecom providers. With a reputation for excellence and innovative applications for data analysis, IVS Home Services offers an experience beyond what you thought was possible. When you partner with IVS Home Services, you’re gaining a valuable relationship with a company that will help you find your perfect audience. We’re here to disrupt the industry by making our partners the first to reach their target audiences.

It’s the same situation for consumers — as users of home services and telecom technology, we know what it’s like to be dissatisfied with the services you’re paying for. So as we help our partners find their audiences, IVS Home Services is also helping consumers find the right service providers without needing to settle for second (or third) best. Meanwhile, our partners go on to become leaders in the telecom industry.

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